Festschrift 2022 honoring the work of Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger

Keep track of this important planned event – in May or June of 2022 in Lincoln, Nebraska, we will gather to celebrate the work of Dr. Wolfensberger’s writings and body of work. Of course,  the Wolf P. Wolfensberger Collection is housed at the McGoogan Medical Library at the University of Nebraska, so this will be the ideal place to hold this much-anticipated happening . Our colleague Raymond Lemay from ISRVA is heading up with planning for this event, with the support of Dr. Wolfensberger’s family.

Wikipedia tells us that………In academia, a Festschrift (German pronunciation: [ˈfɛstʃrɪft]; plural, Festschriften [ˈfɛstʃrɪftən]) is a book honoring a respected person, especially an academic. It generally takes the form of an edited volume, containing contributions from the honoree’s colleagues, former pupils, and friends.

The term, borrowed from German, and literally meaning “celebration writing” (cognate with “feast-script”), might be translated as “celebration publication” or “celebratory (piece of) writing”. An alternative Latin term is liber amicorum (literally: “book of friends”). A comparable book presented posthumously is sometimes called a Gedenkschrift (“memorial publication”), but this term is much rarer in English.

Wolf Wolfensberger - In honor of a Man & His Life's Work
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