North American SRV Council

North American SRV Development, Training & Safeguarding Council

The North American SRV Council is a 17-member international group, which includes the North American SRV trainers associated most directly with Dr. Wolfensberger’s teaching. The Council meets twice yearly, alternating between the United States and Canada, to set policy regarding SRV theory training. It also provides accreditation of SRV trainers and teachers. Zana Lutfiyya is the Corresponding Secretary for this group, and serves as the primary contact person.

We met at last in person this past weekend over three days, after three years of twice-yearly Zoom gatherings. It was wonderful to be together, and with the expert facilitation of SRV-savvy Jack Pealer, we made great progress towards the work we are committed to doing in providing a deep reservoir of SRV knowledge, as well as work towards both developing and safeguarding SRV theory. It was a delight to be back in Worcester, Massachusetts, with 4 new(er)council members who have never attended a face-to-face Council meeting.  Here we are!

North American SRV Council

We last met  in March, 2020 in Worcester, Massachusetts (US) to take up issues of SRV content, safeguarding, dissemination and safeguarding. Our meeting was held by video conference due to the Covid 19 virus precautions and restrictions.  Typically, our council meetings are in person and our meeting photo looks more like this one from October 2019.

Members of the North American Council are:

Erica Baker-Tinsley of Ontario, Canada
Jane Barken of Ontario, Canada
Karin Bonesteel of Massachusetts, US
Guy Caruso of Pennsylvania, US
Tom Doody of Massachusetts, US
Bill Forman, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Peg Jenner of Ontario, Canada
Raymond Lemay of Ontario, Canada
Miriam Kaye of Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Zana Lutfiyya of Manitoba, Canada
Jo Massarelli of Massachusetts, US
Elizabeth Neuville of Pennsylvania, US
Joseph Osburn of Kentucky, US
Judith Sandys of Ontario, Canada
Pamela Seetoo of Pennsylvania, US
Susan Thomas of New York, US
Marc Tumeinski of Massachusetts, US

North American SRV Council Contact Information:

Zana Lutfiyya serves as Corresponding Secretary for the Council

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