Wolf Wolfensberger Festschrift Update

Festschrift update

29 January, 2023

Festschrift in honour of Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger (1934-2011):

The Influence of the Person and his Ideas Today. 

Festschrift: “a volume of articles, essays, etc., contributed by many authors in honor of a colleague, usually published on the occasion of retirement, an important anniversary, or the like.”  Our Festschrift will include a gathering/symposium and book.

A group of us have been quietly organising a festschrift to mark the 10th year since Dr. Wolfensberger’s death in 2011. The event was postponed because of COVID.

The festschrift has two principal components.

  • the publication of a book of review essays on some of the major conceptual work that Dr. Wolfensberger was engaged in.
  • a small-scale celebratory gathering at the Wolfensberger Archives in Omaha, Nebraska where contributing authors would present some of their findings.

The festschrift will be held May 12th to 14th, 2023 at the UNMC in Omaha NE.

More information: Festschrift – announcement text January 2023

Registration: https://go.unmc.edu/wolf.

Raymond Lemay


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