First International Social Role Valorization Distance Conference: SRV in the World

SRV International Virtual Conference – February 22 to 24, 2023 
•33 sessions including 6 plenary
•Over 300 registrants – 6 countries – 4 continents

February 22-24, 2023

for the First International Social Role
Valorization Distance Conference

The conference theme was “Social Role Valorization
in the World” and some of our topics for learning
and exploration  included:

  • Teaching & Implementing SRV & PASSING
  • 10 SRV Themes Connect to 42 PASSING Ratings
  • Model Coherency Evaluation & Design
  • The Universality of Devaluation Across Cultures, Domains & Service Forms
  • Cultural Perspectives on Societally Valued Roles and The Good Things of Life
  • Citizen Advocacy

Held fully online, the conference offered plenary sessions, live and recorded
presentations and opportunities to connect and network with each other.

Wolf Wolfensberger - In honor of a Man & His Life's Work
SRV Journal - A helpful addition to the International SRV Training Culture