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As the only international association committed to providing information, networking, communication and up-to-date resources for SRV, we need the support and assistance from all of those committed to teaching, learning, using, studying, and researching Social Role Valorization. Our efforts involve developing and updating a website with a global reach, developing a website to honor the work of Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger, and promoting SRV through sharing resources.

Our Purpose

“To promote SRV development, education, assessment, dissemination and leadership to assist people and organizations to implement SRV concepts so that vulnerable people may have access to the good things of life.”

Efforts to keep the websites up and running, to support an infrastructure for SRV learners, researchers, implementors and promoters requires not only voluntary efforts by a group of committed volunteers, but involves some significant costs as well. We request and welcome the participation of individual people and groups to take part in creating and maintaining this infrastructure though joining us as a member. Your participation through membership will enable us to maintain this effort over time.

Membership constitutes a donation to ISRVA which will sustain our operations and maintain a central international source for information, mentors, SRV teaching, workshops, and opportunities to learn more. All membership donations are welcome, and we have a recommended guide for membership as follows:

Individual membership/Student $25.00 USD/$10.00 Student
Associate Membership $100.00-$249.00 USD
Contributing Membership $250.00 – $500.00 USD
Supporting Membership $501-$1,000.00 USD
Sustaining Membership $1,001- $5,000.00 USD

All annual memberships extend through the calendar year of 2023, and those joining the ISRVA are encouraged to automatically update their memberships annually for sustainability and planning. For those joining after June 1, 2023 memberships will extend through the close of 2024. All major credit cards are accepted, in addition to cheques in US funds or wire transfer.

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