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About the ISRVA The International SRV Association is an informal, cooperative effort by a number of volunteers who work to keep this website current and full, and work to strengthen the international SRV community. There are communities of SRV practice that we are aware of working in Australia, Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, …

An Overview of SRV Theory

“SOCIAL ROLE VALORIZATION” (SRV) is the name given to a concept for transacting human relationships and human service,


Bookstore Books by Wolf Wolfensberger and others on Social Role Valorization and other related topics are sold by the Valor Press that is managed by the Valor Institute. Valor Press bookstore Normalization SRV, first written about in 1983, was derived from the Principle of Normalization. Wolfensberger’s very influential book, the Principle of Normalization in Human …

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Support the work of the the International SRV Association As the only international association committed to providing information, networking, communication and up-to-date resources for SRV, we need the support and assistance from all of those committed to teaching, learning, using, studying, and researching Social Role Valorization. Our efforts involve developing and updating a website with …

Wolf Wolfensberger - In honor of a Man & His Life's Work
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