7th International SRV Conference – Winnipeg, Manitoba

Opening Doors to the Good Things in Life:
Implementing Social Role Valorization
7th International Conference
Winnipeg Manitoba CANADA
June 6-8 2018


The 7th International Social Role Valorization (SRV) Conference will be held in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada June 6-8 2018. Pre-conference events will take place June 4 and 5. The 2018 Conference Committee is pleased to invite proposals for concurrent sessions.

SRV theory, derived from the principle of normalization, was first defined by Wolf Wolfensberger in 1983. Over the past 35 years, many have used SRV theory to guide their work in supporting individuals and families, in education, training and advocacy.

The focus of this conference will be on the implementation of SRV. This is an opportunity for academics, practitioners, human service providers, policy-makers, advocates, educators and trainers, individuals who receive services and their families to come together to discuss and consider the impact and influence that SRV has on their lives and in their work. We will consider presentations and papers on a variety of topics that relate to the implementation of SRV Theory. For instance:

How SRV influences the services and supports that are available to individuals and/or families. This could include, but not be limited to, family supports, education, work, health, home, recreation and leisure, community participation and advocacy.
How SRV is used to develop agency, organizational or governmental policies.
How SRV is used as an analytical tool in policy, law or research.
How SRV is used in service development and/or evaluation
Effective ways of teaching and promoting SRV.

Submitting your application to present

You must complete all of the required sections (see below). Please send your application to present to srvconf@umanitoba.ca as an attached Word document. You may submit at any time, but all applications are due by September 30 2017. We will confirm all presenters electronically, in December 2017.


Contact: Cecilia Melendez at srvconf@umanitoba.ca

Presentation Application Form

General Guidelines

Please send us your proposal electronically as an attached Word document. We will use your title and abstract in the conference program, so edit your submission carefully. However, we reserve the right to edit the abstract. If you wish to propose more than one presentation, use a separate form (and attachment) for each presentation. Presenters will not be reimbursed for expenses and are expected to register for and attend the conference.

Main Presenter

Please note that if there is more than one presenter, all correspondence will be through the main presenter.
First and last name:
Phone (include country code and area code):
Street address:
Province or State:
Postal or Zip Code:
Biography. Please submit a brief description of yourself and your work as it relates to this presentation. Presenter biographies will be made available to conference participants.

Other Presenters (if applicable)

First and last name(s):
Biography (ies):

Presentation Title:

Presentation Abstract:

Please describe the topic, listing the major points that you will present. Ensure that you outline the connection of your topic to the implementation of SRV Theory. Please restrict yourself to one to two paragraphs. If you are organizing a panel presentation with 2-3 presenters, please restrict yourself to one-two pages.

If you would appreciate assistance in putting together an abstract, please feel free to contact: Zana Lutfiyya at srvconf@umanitoba.ca

Format of Presentation:

I am organizing a panel of 2-3 presenters on the same topic. Each presenter will have 20-30 minutes (this depends on the number of presenters).
I am presenting by myself (I understand that I may be paired in a session with other presenters). Presenters will have 30 or 60 minutes.
We are committed to having presenters and panels who represent a variety of experiences and perspectives, including individuals who receive services as well as families.
We will do our best to accommodate all presenters with their preferred format. However, we will also have to take non-programmatic, logistical factors into account as well (for instance, the number and size of available break out rooms, the number of presentations and so on).

AV Equipment

Please note that we will have a laptop, LCD projector and a screen in each presentation room. Please use PowerPoint. You may:

Send us your presentation electronically by May 1 2018. This will allow us to have it loaded and ready for you at the start of your session.
Bring your memory stick with you. If you do this, you must bring the correct dongle/device for attaching it to a PC laptop. If you aren’t sure what we are talking about, please contact us!
If you insist in bringing your presentation slides on your own device, please ensure that you can connect the device to an LCD projector. That is, if you own an Apple computer, you must bring the correct dongle (cable connector) with you. If you don’t, you may not be able to show your slides.
You must let us know if you need an internet connection for your presentation. For instance, if you are using Prezi, you will need an internet connection and we need to know this in order to be prepared. If we don’t know this ahead of time, you might not be able to show your presentation slides.
Whatever you do, you are encouraged to have a back up of your presentation electronically as well as a hard copy of your presentation notes.

May we help you?

Please let us know if there is anything we can do to support your full participation in this conference.

You can reach us at srvconf@umanitoba.ca We look forward to seeing you in Winnipeg!

More info
Please visit the Website: http://umanitoba.ca/faculties/education/conferences( Opens a new window )( External link )

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