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Marc Tumeinski’s background is in supported employment for adults with mental disorders, helping teemarc3nagers with impairments to be integrated in their school, and supporting adults with physical and intellectual impairments to have a good home life and to be a valued participant in their neighborhood and larger community. He has taught in the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Marc studied and presented with Dr. Wolfensberger, and is a member of the North American SRV Council. He blogs regularly on SRV and PASSING at Marc Tumeinski is the Editor in Chief of The SRV Journal.

He is interested in the use of PASSING as a teaching instrument and as an assessment tool, as well as in writing about SRV as a learning and dissemination strategy. Marc has thought a lot about the history and nature of offering service to vulnerable people. He published a 2012 article co-written with Jeff McNair entitled “What would be better? Social Role Valorization and the development of ministry to persons affected by disability” in The Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability, 1(1): 11-22.

Marc is interested in the issue of restraint use in services, in particular on the impact it has on recipients, and the relationship between human service workers and those whom they restrain. He has worked with a group of family members and service workers in Ontario, Canada to develop a coherent response to the problems associated with the prevalent practice of restraint use. He has written an article on the topic of restraint use which was published in the February 2005 issue of Mental Retardation.

Marc and his wife Jo Massarelli lived as volunteers in a small homeless shelter, and have offered hospitality in their home to poor and homeless people. Marc teaches in English, and is accredited by the North American Social Role Valorization Council.

Organizational Affiliation: SRV Implementation Project

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74 Elm Street
Worcester, MA 01609 United States
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Phone Number: 508.752.3670