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Jane Sherwin is a Senior SRV Trainer, having been involved in the teaching, learningjane and application of SRV since 1990. She is a member of the Australian & New Zealand SRV Group. Jane is well regarded for her teaching, writing and facilitation work, and is considered a scholar-practitioner with regard to the teaching/learning and application of SRV. Jane teaches SRV through accredited SRV workshops, longer courses and in shorter events. Jane frequently uses participative action research methodology to foster SRV application, consistently achieving excellent learning outcomes. She mentors individuals and groups in the development of SRV-based workshops and in the application of SRV. Jane is one of the few SRV teachers in the area of older people. She has also used SRV to underpin work with groups who support children in care, single parents and refugees. Jane is respected for her collegial relationships with local groups who host SRV workshops. Similarly, Jane’s national SRV group membership focuses on the application of SRV, developing approaches to teaching and accreditation, as well as building cooperative relationships with local SRV groups. When not teaching accredited SRV events, Jane works with groups and organisations on equal and ethical partnering and directive control, person centred approaches, values-based quality, leadership development, and planning for better lifestyles and support arrangements with individuals. Background: Jane has been involved in the lives of people with disabilities and older people since the late 1970s. She has a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy (University of Queensland) and a Master of Arts in Education and Work (Macquarie University). Jane has worked in government and community services as an occupational therapist, manager, lecturer, and organisational change manager. Her social change efforts since the early 1990s have used organisational change, training, mentoring, evaluations (using SRV) and writing as key strategies.

 Jane teaches in English, and is accredited by the Australia and New Zealand SRV Study Group (ANZSG).

Contact Information:

 Sherwin & Associates
Brisbane, Queensland 4064, Australia
Phone:  61 404 993 555
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