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Director of Indiana Safeguards Initiative, an SRV-based project. Associate of Dr. Wolf Wolfensberger for many years. Extensive experience teaching SRV, joePASSING, and other major elements of Wolfensberger’s work, including the crafting of a morally coherent stance on the sanctity of all human life, and preserving personal moral coherency in one’s service endeavors. Member of the North American SRV Development, Training, and Safeguarding Council, and the editorial board of The SRV Journal. Author of a number of articles in the areas of SRV development, training, and implementation.In carrying out this work, Joe has visited, observed and assessed hundreds of services of virtually all types and fields and has traveled widely throughout the United States, Canada & on occasion, in Great Britain and Australia. He has taught both graduate & undergraduate level courses and has been guest lecturer on frequent occasions at various colleges and universities and also has been a presenter at conferences, meetings and similar events, including at several of the international SRV conferences. He maintains informal personal contact with socially vulnerable people and their family members, and with several individuals and small communal organizations practicing hospitality, life sharing and other forms of solidarity with the poor. He has a long-standing affiliation with Wolf Wolfensberger, PhD., the formulator of SRV, and is a member of the North American SRV Council, and an editor of, and contributor to, the SRV Journal. 

Joe teaches in English, and is accredited through the North American SRV Council.

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