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Image of Elizabeth Betsy NeuvilleElizabeth "Betsy" Neuville has served as the Executive Director of The Keystone Institute for 15 years. She has 30 years of experience as a human service worker, administrator, agency director, evaluator, educator and personal advocate. She has extensive experience designing and developing supports for very vulnerable people, as she served for many years as the Executive Director of a human service agency. During this time, she assisted over 200 people to leave institutions and establish themselves as valued and contributing members of their communities. She has been deeply involved with the closure of several large institutions in the US and abroad and has experience using individualized processes to assist people to gain valued roles and the full, rich, community life that often accompany such roles. She specializes in service assessment and evaluation, conducting educational events, creating community support structures for highly vulnerable people, and working collaboratively for organizations and programs to move away from segregation of marginalized people and towards community engagement in all life areas.

Betsy has worked extensively with the ideas of Social Role Valorization and provides a great deal of training and consultation nationally and internationally. She has worked in de-institutionalization and community-based service development projects in many places, with an emphasis on Eastern Europe, and is now working extensively in India where she leads the development of a National Institute on disability, community, and innovation. Betsy teaches in English, and is accredited by the North American SRV Council as an SRV trainer.

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