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 I grew up in Winnipeg, Manitoba and attended the University of Manitoba (UM). I worked in recr

Zana CNV 3430 2eational, residential and vocational services for individuals with intellectual disabilities as well as in Citizen Advocacy. I was a PASS team leader from 1977-1983. From 1983-1989, I completed my graduate training at the Center on Human Policy (CHP) at Syracuse University. I worked in a postdoctoral position at the CHP until 1992 when I accepted a position in the Faculty of Education at the UM. During my time in Syracuse, I had the opportunity to team lead PASSING workshops and help present at SRV events. I continue to teach SRV 10 at the UM to educators and in community sponsored workshops. When invited, I have also served as a Senior Trainer at PASSING workshops. My research interest has focused on the factors that help or hinder the social integration and participationof individuals with intellectual disability into community life.

Zana teaches in English, and is accredited by the North American Council on SRV.

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Organizational Affiliation:   University of Manitoba
764 McMillan Avenue Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3M0V3 Canada
+1-204-477-8216 or +1-204-474-8714
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