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Image of Josephine MassarelliJo Massarelli is Director of the SRV Implementation Project, a human service training and consultation concern based in Worcester, Massachusetts (USA). She divides her time between teaching Social Role Valorization workshops and related topics, and working to effect positive change for individuals with impairments through direct service and consultation. She has taught workshops and lectured at conferences across the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and Japan to a variety of human service workers serving a range of people devalued due to mental and/or physical impairment, mental disorder, old age, and poverty. Ms. Massarelli has evaluated dozens of human service programs, including residential, day and work programs, schools, hospice, prisons, and homeless shelters.

Ms. Massarelli has a particular interest in advocacy in medical settings. She teaches a variety of workshops on protecting vulnerable people in the hospital, and on medical decision making. She is a member of the Medical Safeguards Project, a group of nurses and doctors in Massachusetts who are committed to safeguarding the health and lives of mentally impaired people with significant medical needs. Ms. Massarelli serves as a consultant for Family Lives, a program for children with multiple impairments who require twenty-four hour nursing  care. Family Lives is committed to providing the medical support necessary for the children to live at home, and Ms. Massarelli works to assist family and nurses alike to envision and realize more than the "patient" role for those served.

Ms. Massarelli is an advocate associate for the North Quabbin Citizen Advocacy project. She is involved in training Citizen Advocacy boards and advocates in how social devaluation affects human service recipients. Jo Massarelli and her husband Marc Tumeinski are members of an intentional community responding to the needs of homeless and otherwise vulnerable people in Worcester, Massachusetts, where they live.

Jo teaches in English, and is accredited by the North American Council on SRV.

Contact Information for Jo:

 SRV Implementation Project (SRVIP)
74 Elm Street Worcester, MA 01609 US

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Phone Number   (508) 612-7254 or (508) 752-3670