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International Social Role Valorization Association Members

Annual Memberships Extend through End of Calendar Year 2017

Sustaining Members

Family and Children's Services of Lanark, Leeds and Grenville, Brockville, Ontario, Canada
Keystone Human Services, United States, Republic of Moldova, and India
Georgia Advocacy Office,  Georgia, United States
Community Ventures in Living, Lafayette Indiana, United States
Shriver Clinical Services Corporation, Wakefield, Massachusetts, United States
Valoris for Children and Adults, Plantagenet, Ontario, Canada
Mattingly Edge, Louisville, Kentucky, United States


Supporting Members:

Keystone Institute, Harrisburg, PA United States
The Nemasket Group, Mattapoisett, Massachusetts,  United States
Community Living Ontario, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Shriver Nursing Services, Wakefield, Massachusetts, United States
Imagine Better, Bay of Plenty,New Zealand
Jack Yates, Mattapoisett, Massachussetts, United States

Contributing Members:

Alfresat Normandie, Normandy, France
The Arc of Rensselaer County, Troy, New York, United States
L-R Lemay Consulting, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Lincoln Street, Inc., Springfield, Vermont, United States
Groupe Convex, Hawkesbury, Ontario, Canada
Millersville University of Pennsylvania, Millersville, Pennsylvania, United States
CLASS, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
LEL Home Services, LLC Indianapolis, Illinois, United States
Jennifer Smith, Keppel Sands, Australia
Durham Association for Family Respite, Oshawa, Ontario, Canada
Pennsylvania Inclusive Higher Education Consortium, Pennsylvania, United States
Brockville and District Association for Community Involvement, Brockville, Ontario
Southern Ontario Training Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Syracuse University Training Institute for Human Service Planning, Leadership and Change Agentry

Organizational Members:

Kilsby and Allan, Ltd. Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom
CHS, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Center for Outcomes Analysis, Havertown, Pennsylvania, United States
Jack Pealer, Hamilton, Ohio, United States

Individual Members:

Julie Allan                                          High River, Alberta, Canada
John Armstrong                                Victoria ,Australia
Christine  Barringham                        Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Karen Barwick                                   Mile End, Australia
Brian Berry                                       Newtown, Pennsylvania, US
Shrirang  Bijur                                  Pune, India
Pam Bliss                                         Attleboro, Massachusetts
Angie Breeden                                 St. Albans, West Virginia, United States
Kelly Bulstrode                                 Mile End, Australia
Bud Carter                                       Ontario, Canada
Sike Carter                                      Auckland, New Zealand
Guy Caruso                                     Pennsylvania, United States
Lynne Coleshill                                Mile End, Australia
Katie Chandler                                Georgia, United States
James Conroy                                 Pennsylvania, United States
Jessica Curtis                                  County Galway, Ireland
Baily DeBruin-Stam                         British Columbia, Canada
Lenore de la Perelle                        Mile End, Australia
Darcy Elks                                       West Chester, Pennsylvania, United States
Jeff Fiebig                                        Mile End, Australia
Eileen Flavel                                    Cornwall, United Kingdom
Suzanne Frank                                Alberta, Canada
Bill Forman                                      Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Robert   Flynn                                  Québec, Canada
Olivia Forsberg                                Victoria, Australia
Ed Goldman                                     Eugene, Oregon
Sudeep  Goyal                                 Rajasthan, India
Paul Harris                                       Mile End, Australia
Linda Higgs                                      West Virginia, United States
Mary Kealy                                       County Galway, Ireland
Charlotte Knight                                Dublin, Ireland
Hans Kroon                                      Voorhout, Netherlands
Mary Helen  Leddy                           Ontario,Canada
Sophie Little                                     County Clare, Ireland
Zana Lutfiyyya                                 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Ann Marie Licata                              Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, United States
Pamela  Mansell                             Co.Tipperary, Munster, Ireland
Jo Massarelli                                   Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Reina McDowell Maitland               Ontario, Canada
Dani McKenna                                Mile End, South Australia
Cindy Mitchell                                 Whitby, Ontario, United States
Kane Morgan                                  New South Wales, Australia
Julien Morton                                  Mile End, Australia
Beth Mount                                    New York, United States
Elizabeth Neuville                           Pennsylvania, United States
Thomas Neuville                             Pennsylvania, United States
Kathleen Morris                              County Limerick, Ireland
Moira Mumma                                 Chester Springs, Pennsulvania, United States
Emily Murgo-Nisenbaum                 Fairhaven, Massachusetss, United States
John O'Brien                                    Lithonia, Georgia, United States
Carol O'Donnell                                Dublin, Ireland
Molly O'Keeffe                                 County Waterford, Ireland
Rosie Olbrycht                                Adelaide, South Australia
Dana Olsen                                    Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States
Joe Osburn                                    Indiana, United States
Alain-Paul Perrou                           Nezac, France
Mary Rowan                                   County Clare, Ireland
Diane Ryan                                    Victoria, Australia
Jacques Serpette                            Falaise, France
Nichole Sardinha                            New Hampshire,  United States
Pamela  Sholdice                            Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Genia Stephen                               Brockville, Ontario, Canada
Jerry Smith                                    Minnesota,  United States
Israel Soboka                                 Calgary    Alberta, Canada
Michelle Sultan                               Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States
Cecile Sullivan Elder                        New South Wales, Australia
Brent Summerton                           Mile End, South Australia
Fiona Telford-Sharp                        Mile End, Australia
Marcia Tewell                                 Denver, Colorado, United States
Nichole Tierney                              Mile End, Australia
Joyleen Thomas                             Mile End, Australia
Susan Thomas                               Syracuse, New Your, United states
Sergiu Toma                                  Chisinau, Moldova
Laurent Toutain                              Normandie, France
Marc Tumeinski                             Worcester, Massachusetts, United States
Milton Tyree                                  Louisville, Kentucky, United States
Jack Vermeulen                             Delft, Netherlands
Leah Watkins                                Mile End, Australia
Louise Watson                              Mile End, Australia
Theresa White-Lightner                Pennsylvania, United States
Anonymous                                   United States

Founding Members

Valor Institute, Plantagenet, Ontario, Canada

Shriver Clinical Services, Westborough, Massachussetts, United Staetes

Keystone Institute, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, United States

Community Ventures in Living, Lafayette, Indiana, United States